“Raising IHT threshold could cost government £6bn”

Nov 14, 2023 | Tax

Well, the lesson of this week in politics must be to expect the unexpected. Or, alternative interpretation, to expect more of the same. The speculation on the future of Inheritance Tax has switched from abolition to a rise in the amount of wealth you can have before the 40% payment hits. My guess is they will be looking for another Home Counties-pleasing headline rather than a £6bn hit to the coffers, and that any give-away will be taken back somewhere less headline-grabbing. But, let’s face it, many of the IHT allowances have not changed since it was introduced  in 1986. The big announcement  in that Budget was ‘the abolition of Labour’s much-disliked Capital Transfer Tax’. To be replaced by the now equally derided Inheritance Tax. Plus ça change, and tout that.

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“TV presenter wins 10-year IR35 battle against HMRC”

“TV presenter wins 10-year IR35 battle against HMRC”

The infamous ‘IR35’ dates from the Gordon Brown (kids etc.) era. It was intended to stop contractors effectively working for companies as if self-employed and avoiding many of the costs, NI for one, of being employed; for both the non-employee and employer.