“Talking to clients about cohabitation, intestacy and inheritance”

Oct 31, 2023 | Tax

You’d be surprised at how many we meet who’ve never ‘got around’ to getting married, sometimes after many, many years of being together. Or those of fewer years, but with children, often both joint and previous. Being married can both complicate and decomplicate matters, of course, and money should never be the reason to do the deed. But you need to plan accordingly. You should always have wills, and wills which are up to date, as ‘common law’ usually protects no-one. Life cover should be in place and in trust if there are kids involved. And you should be aware, at least, that if Inheritance Tax is a concern, getting married, even at the last minute, can be an effective tax-planning strategy. As with many things, the real world moves far more quickly than that of the rule makers.

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“TV presenter wins 10-year IR35 battle against HMRC”

“TV presenter wins 10-year IR35 battle against HMRC”

The infamous ‘IR35’ dates from the Gordon Brown (kids etc.) era. It was intended to stop contractors effectively working for companies as if self-employed and avoiding many of the costs, NI for one, of being employed; for both the non-employee and employer.