“The Saudi regime just executed 81 people – so why is Boris Johnson cosying up to it?”

Mar 16, 2022 | In the news

And it’s not just the executions, crucifixions and state-sponsored murders. The Saudis have been waging a war in another country, Yemen, every bit as bad as any other war for which you might sanction any other oil-producing state. Russia itself did and is doing some pretty horrible stuff in Syria to which we turned a blind, or at least a short-sighted eye. And there’s talk of relaxing sanctions against another ghastly regime in oil-rich Venezuela. I think they call it ‘realpolitik’; or, forget your principles as we need them more than, or at least as much as, they need us.

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“Public sector borrowing hits highest level since 1960s”

“Public sector borrowing hits highest level since 1960s”

So what does this say for the 10 years of Pre-Pan, Pre-Boris austerity? Has it done any more than cut public services to the bone, with overstretched, privatised probation services losing track of murderers and 6 hour ambulance waits (87 year old client in December, before the strike, broken arm, not unusual)