“‘There is a stigma around the term financial adviser for some’”

Oct 25, 2023 | Financial Services

In my view, the ‘for some’ is the key. For many years, financial advisers were indeed tarred with the hard-sell brush, from the days when, to earn a crust, we had to persuade potential clients to sign up for something they needed but didn’t want. Like a pension, savings plan or life insurance. I do believe we’ve moved on and that, to protect the consumer and ‘encourage greater levels of savings’ the world of finance has become so complex that at some stage most realise that they need an expert, or at least someone slightly more expert than them, to sort out their financial past, present and future. If that supposed stigma is stopping new entrants to our much needed profession, it’s up to us to spread the word, I’m afraid. And by the way, we need more doctors, too.

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“Is the AI hype machine losing steam?”

“Is the AI hype machine losing steam?”

Many of the reviving rises in stock markets, particular in the US in the last year or so have been driven by AI. Not those buy-and-sell computerised algorithms we’ve heard so much about for years now; but the share prices of the big tech companies ‘at the heart of the AI revolution’.