This, to many soppy and sentimental doggy movie has been around for a while now. I’m revisiting it now as an article this week, ‘The World’s Most Loyal Dog Turns 100’ moved me to the same soppy and sentimental tears that gushed in the last act of the film when I first saw it. And that’s because it’s a true story. Well, it actually happened in Japan not Rhode Island and the actual characters looked nothing like Richard Gere and Joan Allen. But both the real and fictional Hachi walked with their master each morning to the station and went to meet him each evening. When one day he didn’t return, Hachi loyally went to the same station to wait every evening for ten years until his own death. There. I’m doing it again. It’s a lovely film and a lovely true story, legendary in Japan, where a statue of Hachi was erected outside the station. Strong mascara and male runny-nose-so-I-need-a- hanky alerts, but do see it (Netflix, Amazon etc.).