“Quarter of divorcees will consult a financial adviser”

Apr 25, 2024 | Financial Services

If you’re an adviser, and have been so for any length of time, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll be dealing with divorce (of clients, the job’s not that bad) about as often as, sadly, death (again, of clients etc.). Most of those in the early days will tell me that everything is amicable, they’re sorting out the finances between them, probably no need to involve costly solicitors and other legal stuff. But although you’re encouraged to work out the ‘who gets what’, as far as possible, between you, making it happen will usually need some legal and financial advice help, most definitely if pensions are involved. They can’t be passed on or separated without a sharing order issued by the court. My advice, for better or worse, is usually to ‘get legal’ sooner rather than later, as the later may end up costing you more (and often be complicated by the arrival of other parties on the scene). And if there’s any degree of complexity to your affairs, you’re likely to need us too. Again, sadly, and for better or worse.

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“Advisers fearful of further compliance and regulation”

“Advisers fearful of further compliance and regulation”

We know, of course we know, that regulation is, or at least should be a ‘good thing’. If those who need or should seek advice can be confident that they’ll be told the right thing, that someone has looked at those ’too good to be true’ investments before they’re allowed to take your money; or, in the case of a Woodford, while they’re raking it in to make sure it’s going where it’s supposed to.