“What does the 2018 budget mean for you?”

Oct 30, 2018 | Budget

So was it a good Budget? If you’re viewing it from the Daily Express’s shiny end of the glass half-full, he unveiled ‘a Budget to SUPERCHARGE the economy and UNITE Britain’. But through The Guardian’s glass darkly, ‘The reality is this is a ‘phoney’ Budget. Until the chancellor knows the outcome of Brexit negotiations, any plans he puts in place are subject to considerable change; there’s every chance we will see another Budget in six months’ time.’ You pays your money – or, rather, he pays your money – and takes your choice.

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“Autumn Budget to be scrapped this year”

“Autumn Budget to be scrapped this year”

Remember being told to ‘wait until your father gets home’ or sitting outside the headmaster’s office? And then, when they arrive, you get a cheery greeting and some sweets or pocket money, not the expected dressing down? A relief, though you know in the pit of your...