“What next for investors if interest rates have peaked?”

What next is a much better couple (or more) of years ahead. If you have investments, you’ll have seen a pretty sharp ‘uptick’ since November after a pretty sharp ‘not much happening or going down’ since the beginning of 2022. We’ve said many times that when things move, they can move pretty quickly. Perish the thought that investing might be compared to the lottery, but you really do have to be in it to win it. A glimmer of a hope that interest rates have, indeed, peaked, was all that was needed to encourage those that make a difference to these things to plunge in. ‘Investors appetite for risk’ revived, the flock/herd turned and, although not yet galloping forward are, I would say, heading in a sunwards direction. ‘Sunwards’ means inflation not inflating as quickly as expected, or just not as quickly. Anything can, and usually does, happen, of course, but my investment glass is at least half-full.

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