“Why younger clients are an opportunity firms should not overlook”

Oct 17, 2023 | Financial Services

This is a subject often rehearsed in our business. Paying for financial advice, let alone being able or willing to save for a far-off retirement, are rarely likely to be priorities for under-40s. It’s only those with ‘higher earning power’ (which means over £50k pa) who are likely to have any form of savings, and 1/5 opt out of or reduce payments to even their auto-enrolment, workplace pensions. One thing that should be a priority for that age group, and the one thing for which advisers can still be paid commission, is life insurance. They’re the ones with big mortgages and young families, but huge numbers have no, or at best inadequate protection. So DIY has failed there, too. At the risk of repetition (which has never stopped me before), the once-everywhere life insurance salesman had a role to play. As did his incentives to sell something actually much-needed.

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“Is the AI hype machine losing steam?”

“Is the AI hype machine losing steam?”

Many of the reviving rises in stock markets, particular in the US in the last year or so have been driven by AI. Not those buy-and-sell computerised algorithms we’ve heard so much about for years now; but the share prices of the big tech companies ‘at the heart of the AI revolution’.