“Advice firms show limited appetite for four-day working week”

Feb 23, 2023 | Financial Services

I would say that our profession is ideally suited to flexible working. Our business in particular, as we all work remotely with no head office to which to troll every day and the theoretical ability to do most of our job (apart from sitting on your sofa) from any beach with a good wifi signal. So I’m not sure why colleagues are showing a ‘limited appetite’ for it. But we, and most of the companies which took part in this much publicised trial of four-day-weeking, are the lucky ones. If you’re paid a pittance by the hour, need to patrol a hospital ward, or deliver a minimum number of Amazon parcels per day to keep your van, it could only become an option were the minimum wage to increase by 25% and enough new workers willing to work for it suddenly (re)appear. Neither possibilities which can currently be seen on any nearby horizon.

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