“Back to work for people aged 65”

Jan 4, 2024 | Pensions, Retirement

So is it ‘back to work’ or never stopping? And why? Because we’re cash-strapped and can’t afford to retire? Or healthier and realising that working can actually keep you healthy? Well, it all depends, of course. More than likely, those that need the money are in jobs where there’s their physical ability to keep at it will limit what they can do. If you like what you do and it’s your brain rather than brawn which can keep you at it, carrying on past the once traditional stopping age is a more attractive and possible option. And so the divides continue to widen, as they will, alas, as the next generation, with no final salary pensions or houses from which to downsize, will have far less choices.

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“National insurance cut raises questions over state pension funding”

“National insurance cut raises questions over state pension funding”

In an election year, all parties will try to be all things to all men. Mostly, it’s only stuff which matters ‘on the doorstep’ which matters. In isolation, Mrs Miggins (not my invention) will be delighted that her pension has gone up with the highest measure of inflation; and no one running a business will be complaining that National Insurance has been reduced.