“UK government slammed over its short-term approach to pensions”

Jul 10, 2023 | Pensions

‘The median life expectancy of a pensions minister is 13 months’, less, apparently than that of a mouse. I guess the fact that there is a pensions minister is seen as proof that the government cares, but the role is a stepping stone, to nowhere or higher things, so also proof that they don’t care that much. Changes to pensions rules and legislation are by their very nature long-term and the life expectancy of a government is not that much longer than that of the minister. So properly sorting out the system is kicked down the road along with that other thorny, old people’s issue, long-term care. And both are always next year’s, and the next lot’s problem. Unless you’re at the sharp end.

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“Why you should never retire”

“Why you should never retire”

On my 50th birthday, I will always remember, amongst the card or two I received was a letter from Saga’ who’d managed to find out my age through the wonder of the internet, and were pleased to tell me I now qualified to join my parents and go on holiday with them.