“45% of new self-directed investors unaware that losing money is a risk of investing”

Jun 2, 2022 | Investments

Maybe those who were surveyed broke the first rule of any exam and didn’t read the question properly. Can they really not have realised that their ‘capital is at risk’? Is it blind, going-to-the-races type optimism? Yes, probably, for those buying Bitcoins. But we’re not talking here about scams offering guaranteed returns, rather those buying through companies like Hargreaves Lansdown who, whatever you think of them, are properly regulated. Maybe it will ever be thus, the daft will always be with us. It’s generally the rest of us, however, who have to pick up the tab when they cry ‘foul’ and ask to be compensated.

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Paper shortage delays Abrdn shareholder vote

Paper shortage delays Abrdn shareholder vote

Here’s one in the eye for those tech-sceptics, forever saying ‘Yes, but if Russian hackers/Asteroids/Pick-your-own-Conspiracy theory, take the internet down, the financial world will fold, wasn’t like that when we all had quills, etc.