“Green investing is underperforming, but don’t count it out just yet”

Jun 17, 2022 | Ethical investing, Investments

There are some johnny-come-lately ethical and sustainable investors who put money into “responsible“ funds having seen how well they performed in the midst of the Covid Crash, and are ruing the day. Those who invested for the right reasons may still be questioning their decision, but the advice is very much to hang on in there. Remember that even a modest investment can have more of an effect on your carbon footprint than several years of both cycling and sorting the recycling bins (both generally male pastimes). In the last six months, investing in oil, mining, tobacco and arms companies would have provided great returns. All of which are avoided  by the responsible investing sector, and all of which fared pretty badly during the pandemic. So, remember why you’re there, and keep the faith. I’d say.

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