“Hybrid advice models to tackle lack of investor confidence”

Nov 24, 2022 | Digital

OK, a little financial advice business navel-gazing, but nothing new there. We’ve been receiving twice as many new enquiries in the last year or so, but far fewer are becoming clients. We’re seeing less of those face-to-face than we did pre-pan, the theory being we can keep our charges, which we reduced to reflect less face-to-face meetings, low. Our initial fees are 1-2%, our annual 0.5%, compared with the average 3-4% and 0.75%. Big online companies who’ll never see you, still charge 0.5% for their telephone services (‘we’ll always answer your call within a minute’). So. Should we go back to the (good? bad?) old-days model, see less people but in person, and charge more? Should we stay where we are, learn to say ‘no’ and accept less for more? Or should we wait for a happy medium to arrive; if so, can someone tell me what it is or will be? Answers via anything but Twitter, please.

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“The tech winners and losers of the pandemic”

“The tech winners and losers of the pandemic”

Although ethical/sustainable funds eschew fossil fuels, arms and fags, they are more often than not ‘tech heavy’, investing in the Industries of the Future. Most dropped Meta/Facebook when the degree to which they may or may not have been stalking us all became apparent.