“MPs blast LV= over sale to US investment firm”

Apr 9, 2021 | Investments

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A committee of MPs with whom I agree!  You may remember that we advisers only heard about the proposed sale of LV= to US private equity via the back door. A mutual company is theoretically owned by its policyholders. Their welfare is unlikely to be top of the list if the sale goes through; although they’ll no doubt be offered a healthy bribe to agree to it, if past deals are anything to go by. I predict the doors will be closed to new business, and costs cut to the bone before it’s sold on again. Just say ‘no’, guys.

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“Key ISA sales season flops as investment drops 91%”

“Key ISA sales season flops as investment drops 91%”

Had we advisers been doing our jobs this should have been a bumper ‘ISA Season”. World stock markets are down around 12% this year. Yes, there may more ups and downs to come, but investing when things look grim is always the tougher but much better bet.